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Bad Science Watch with Ryan Armstrong

January 24, 2021

Ryan Armstrong is the executive director of Bad Science Watch - a non-profit dedicated to creating a safer, healthier, and more prosperous Canada through the establishment of the widespread use of critical thinking and sound science when making important societal decisions. He first became interested in science activism after encountering unscrupulous claims by regulated health professionals who offered implausible therapies to vulnerable patients. Initially interested in science education and communication as a PhD student, he shifted his focus to science justice after witnessing the harm of pseudoscience as a tool to de-educate the public for profit.


There are some important subjects we discuss throughout this episode including the limitations of self-regulation of health professions, ways to work towards a more evidence-based, no BS approach when it comes to informing and protecting the public about healthcare services, the role of education in improving the professional environment, the process of informed consent, and many other important topics. We at ARME, as many of you have seen, stand by a no BS approach to healthcare and education, and we really do appreciate the work that Ryan Armstrong and others do to push towards change in public health legislation.


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